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We provide our customers the best advice on medical technologies,
becoming part of a high-quality healthcare experience.

About Us

Global HTM, is a Healthcare Technology Consulting company, in business since year 2004.

We have experienced professionals with more than 28 years in the field (Private and Public Health Systems) and offer suitable solutions to our customers across the Americas.


GLOBAL HTM is commited to:
Provide superior, cost-effective consulting services that meet the ever-changing needs of our current and prospective clients, while continuing to strive for the highest professional excellence in the delivery of those services.

Build and maintain long-lasting, consistent, honest and profitable relationships with all stakeholders, which we recognize play a crucial role in meeting companies needs.

Keep our staff updated, about new technologies and strategies to advise better our customers, with the courage to act.


  • Capital Planning and Procurement
  • Medical IT Consulting
  • Equipment Maintenance Management
  • Patient Security and Risk Management
  • User / Biomed Training

Capital Planning and Procurement

In the quick changing scenario of Health Technologies, we develop sustainable projects and strategies with all stakeholders, having in mind “green initiatives”, innovation, costs of implementation, maintenance and ease of use.

Analysis for systems integration and latest technologies, require compromised professionals.

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Medical IT Consulting

Patient data management is crucial.

Successful population health and value-based care initiatives require complete and accurate information.

By 2020, with the growth of Internet of Things (IoT), there will be 25 billion connected devices and 4 billion users, with the expansion of wireless and cloud services. Cybersecurity is an issue to watch in every moment.

Interoperability, Clinical and Business Intelligence tools are here to act.

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Equipment Maintenance Management

Computed Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) helps for the In-house / OEM / Third party maintenance “trilogy”, to get the best performance for Medical and Life Sciences Technologies.

Costs reduction keeping high grade of patient security levels, is the formula to success.

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Patient Security and Risk Management

Fulfill Accreditation Organisms requirements, is a second stage after you protect patients and employees, in the use of Medical Technologies.

In this case, we work together with the Safety and Quality Committees to achieve Institutional goals, recommending best possible initiatives.

User / Biomed Training

Repetitively training of Staff in Medical Technologies use, to reduce human medical errors and enhance security levels, keeps your Equipment working up to 40% more of the time.

Working closely with Nurses and Doctors, Clinical Engineering Department plays a very important role on this. Involving social and communication networks on this, it's easy than ever. Our experienced Engineers and Technicians have been working on Lab/ Imaging / Biomedical equipment maintenance, with extraordinary results.

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Member of

American College of Clinical Engeneering (ACCE)

Argentinean Society of Bioengineering (SABI)
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